“the burninghouse” – конфликт практичности и сентиментальности

the burninghouse


Если ваш дом загорится, что бы вы взяли с собой? Это конфликт между практичностью, ценностью вещей и сентиментальностью. То, что вы бы отразило ваши интересы, стиль и приоритеты. Подумайте над этим вопросом.

Примерно так призывает задуматься о ценности вещей сообщество в tumblr “the burninghouse”

Самые популярные вещи – фотоаппараты и фотографии, а так же ноутбук, телефон и паспорт. Впрочем, есть и те, кто бы предпочел всему этому доску для серфинга или гитару.


1the burninghouse

Name: Théo Érable
Age: 19
Location: Paris – France
Occupation: Filmmaker in my spare time.

  • Mr. Lapin.




2the burninghouse

Name: Manuel Puig
Age: 21
Location: Valencia, Spain
Occupation: Student

  •  MacBook
  •  Bleu de Chanel
  •  Ray-Ban Clubmaster
  •  Hometown pics
  •  Migraine pills
  •  Kate Moss pic
  •  iPhone
  •  Apple Headphones
  •  Notebook
  •  Muji pens
  •  Small Chanel bag
  •  Eiffel Tower
  •  Werlisa camera
  •  Fujifilm instax 200 Camera
  •  Maison Martin Margiela Shirt
  •  Paris and Riviera pics
  •  Vans Old Skool




3the burninghouse

Name: Martin Pecina
Age: 31
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Occupation: Book designer


  • Tristan, my dog
  • Leather bag
  • Typographie by Emil Ruder
  • Ladislav Sutnar—Prague—New York—Design in action
  • Vintage Prim watch
  • Aspinal of London wallet
  • Phone (maps, music, e-mails)
  • Handmade pipe
  • Old Dunhill Nightcap tobacco
  • Safety matches, pipe tamper, Zippo pipe lighter




4the burninghouse

Name: Triangularboy
Age: 24
Location: Mexico
Occupation: Art director

  • Moleskine
  • Pencil
  • Pipe
  • Matches
  • Envelope
  • Business cards




5the burninghouse

Name: Gloria C.
Age: 26
Location: Texas, USA
Occupation: Real Estate Agent/Communications Company Co-owner


  • Passport + identification
  • Ruger SR9C 9mm pistol
  • Blackberry Z10
  • Keys
  • Dog (pictured on key chain)
  • 1920’s platinum diamond earrings (worn to my childhood best friend’s recent wedding)
  • Vintage shell box (gift from now deceased paternal grandmother)
  • Diamond pendant necklace (first gift my father bought my mother when they were young)
  • Plain platinum band (father’s wedding ring)
  • Diamond eternity band (gift from my father)
  • Diamond solitaire ring (gift to my mother from her mother)
  • Diamond cross pendant necklace (gift from maternal grandfather)
  • Dose of irony (items are pictured in a fireproof safe)




6the burninghouse

Name: Francesco “misterstereo8” Bonaccorso

Age: 33

Location: Rome, Italy

Occupation: Videomaker


  • Revox b77 recorder
  • Casio vl1 keyboard (gift from my granpa in 1985)
  • Hard disk
  • Polaroid camera
  • Rolling Stones record (from my mom)
  • Dupont lighter
  • Passport
  • Glasses
  • Picture with my mom
  • Zenith clock from granpa
  • Errol Gardner UNRELASED tape




7the burninghouse

Name: Trausti Hraunfjord
Age: 47
Location: Lima, Perú
Occupation: Panographer

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Knife
  • Whiskey



8the burninghouse

Name: Sanni Restuccia
Age: 33
Location: Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia – Born in Messina, Sicily.
Occupation: Retail General Manager

List :

  • Vintage Fender Jazz Bass
  • My favourite record  : A.L. Webber &  T.Rice JCS Feat. Ian Gillian
  • Louis Ferdinand Celine – Voyage au but de la nuit
  • Yashica T4 Safari
  • My first safety pin
  • Skull ring
  • Family portrait (young me+mom)
  • Family portrait n°2(young me+dad)
  • Vintage Raybans
  • My cell phone
  • Italian Passport
  • 16660 Rolex Sea Dweller

9the burninghouse

Name: Çiğdem Yalırsu
Age: 27
Location: İstanbul
Occupation: Architect


  • My bag
  • Top


10the burninghouse

Name: Vicky Quiroga
Age: 29
Location: Rosario, Argentina
Occupation: Biotechnologist, blogger, rider

  • Ronix Quarter til´midnight 2013. Love at first sight (as well as the person who bought it for me)
  • Leather gloves from my grandma
  • Favourite board shorts
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses
  • Mobile phone
  • Ange ou démon by Givenchy
  • White tank top
  • “Todos los fuegos el fuego” by Julio Cortázar, my favourite writer
  • Casio Watch that I´ve worn it on my right wrist since 2003


  • Погорелец says:

    Парням из Техаса и Перу необходимо списаться, все остальные – хипстеры!!!

  • mika says:

    На самом деле в случае пожара, все что имеет первостепенную важность – документы и собственная жизнь, не до украшений в этот момент!

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